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Print Ads & Postcards 

With a background in Advertising, it holds a special place in my heart. I especially love when clients come to me with a decent brief, but no idea where they want to take the ad creatively. Once I've identified the problem their product or service solves, I can pull a concept from their words and run with it. 

Trade Show


Trade Show & Event Graphics

Big is beautiful. Large scale graphics are all about bold colors and simplicity. While it's not always easy to convince clients that 20 bullet points of text aren't going to pull people in from the aisle, in the end I can usually strike a balance where they're happy and I'm happy.



Data Sheets • Brochures • Folders • ETC. 

Though we are printing less and less these days, when you sit down with a new client there's still something so wonderful — and necessary — about a gorgeous presentation folder filled with polished brochures and data sheets. Printed pieces are a great opportunity to align form and function in a clean, professional way.  




Logos • Stationery • Business Cards

My favorite logos tend to be those where great typography meets the right colors and a smart, simple graphic, all wrapped up with a touch of wit or wimsy. The logos that make you stop and say, "Ah, I get it. Awesome."


Websites • Banners • Social • Mobile   

The majority of websites I design are for small companies, usually ranging in size from 1-20 employees. They can't afford a big fancy design agency, but still need a professional, custom website. I partner with a web developer and provide them with great bang for their buck.

The Fun and the Random

Mugs for the coffee shop, tshirts for the HR team, artwork for a truck wrap -  all falling into the category of "other."  These are often the most fun and challenging projects, allowing for experimentation and design interpretation.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>
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