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You need the logo bigger to make your boss happy. And that's okay.  


I wasn't always a freelance graphic designer. I actually began my career working as an Account Executive for big ad agencies on big accounts. I didn’t love it. I did however learn a TON - about Marketing and Advertising and how to really listen to clients and appreciate their perspective. I also realized the creative people were having all the fun and doing what I wanted to do. So I changed course a bit and never looked back.


When not working, I’m with my husband and 2 sons who find my job pretty cool, especially when I can turn them into Harry Potter for a birthday invitation or be the boss of their school yearbook. (which is actually where this whole design thing really began for me – at the otherwise unfortunate age of 13.)


This site displays a small sample of the work I’ve produced over the years. If there is something specific you’d like to see, chances are I’ve done it, or something similar. So please ask.


I hope you like my work and I hope I can do some for you.

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