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”Because I'm good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it - people like me!”


I'm always telling clients how great testimonials are for a website. I'm probably supposed to practice what I preach, right? Hmmm. I guess I'm stereotypically creative by being my own worst critic. But the truth is I have gotten some decent feedback over the years. So, I am going to bite the bullet and ask my clients to say nice things about me. In the meantime, here are some comments clients have been kind enough to share with me via email. 

Amy - I wanted to let you know that today I had calls with two investors who see *tons* of fund decks. Like others have said in the past, both today thought my deck was "excellent" and one of the best that they have seen in a while. Thank you!! 

”I was recently notified by your client that she had a new website.  As I looked at it, I was struck by the clean and elegant design . . . ”

”THANK YOU THANK YOU. I seriously love the way this postcard looks.”

”I have received numerous comments about my GORGEOUS ad in Diablo magazine.”

”Hi Amy - Love the changes! Very excited about the direction we are heading in.”

”I wanted to say the new site looks great. You really did a good job on this thing. Thanks a lot.”

"You are awesome! Megan and I both had a wonderful experience working with you. We will definitely be reaching out when additional projects come up."

Wow, I absolutely LOVE both of these designs Amy! Will be hard to decide on which one we go with, but that is a good problem to have. Thank you so much!

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